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About Operating Microscopes

There are various types of surgical operating microscopes that are used for different applications. One common type of operation microscope is used by ENT (ear, nose, and throat) medical doctors. The binocular head of the microscope is straight without any angle. Also, the focal length is usually different. The focal length of a surgery microscope is changed by simply screwing on a different bottom lens under the head. This also will change the overall magnification. Another common type of microscope for surgery applications is used by ophthalmologists for correcting problems with the human eye. The binocular head of this microscope is on a 45 degree angle and the focal length is usually different from equipment for ENT usage. There are also microscopes for general operation such as hand microsurgery, orthopedic surgery, brain and neuro microsurgery, dental, and other microsurgical applications relating to human medical needs.

Most microscopes for surgery have motorized foot controls for at least the focusing of the image to free up the surgeon’s hands for holding the medical tools. The higher grade equipment has additional foot controls for movement of the head. Some motorized controls are located on the head assembly itself, and control rotation of the head in multiple degrees of rotation as well as centering the optics on the area of interest.

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