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model: MS-138
price: $16,079.98
s/h: Shipping cost to be determined based on destination and shipping method.
Non-FDA registered manufacturing facility. If you need FDA, we can provide other equipment that is FDA.

This model of operating microscope is primarily used for ophthalmology and ophthalmic eye surgery. The main features of this surgical microscope are the motorization of the focusing and the motorized continuous zoom magnification. The focusing motor, zoom motor, and light intensity are all three controlled by the foot as well as the touch-screen pad.

Another of the motorized functions locates the specimen in the viewing optics by moving the whole head assembly on an X - Y grid (40mm x 40mm maximum). This motor centers the specimen in the field of view. Other motors control the bending and lifting of the microscope arm and head.

The main head is binocular. There are two assistant (also called teaching) heads, one is binocular and one is monocular. The assistant’s binocular head has a three step magnification allowing different powers (6x, 10x, 16x) to be achieved. The binocular assistant head does not have zoom optics. It must be manually selected between the three magnifications. It is able to rotate 180 degrees to the desired location where the assistant will sit. The monocular assistant head sees the same magnification and image as the main surgeon’s head. This allows a third observer/assistant to view the surgery simultaneously.

Another option is a beam splitter, ccd camera adapter, and ccd camera for taking the video image to a cctv monitor for all in the room to see, or for the surgery to be videotaped.

The illumination system is equipped with a retina protection device, red reflex intensifier, and infrared filter. This system is capable of slit illumination, with the slit being able to revolve around the optical axis by 360 degrees.

The microscope has a feature allowing fast changeover to new bulb during surgery if the bulb blows. The illumination system consists of a cold light source with fiber optics and is coaxial to the optics. It has a variable intensity control. This surgical operating microscope is NOT made in a US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered manufacturing facility, but DOES have CE certification.

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