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model: MS-110
price: $ 5,639.98
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USA (Food and Drug Administration) Registered Manufacturing Facility. FDA Device Class 1

This model of microscope for surgery is primarily used for ophthalmic eye surgery and examination by ophthalmologists. The main feature of this operation microscope is the motorization of the focusing with controls on the foot pad. The equipment is also portable, being mounted on a rolling wheel base.

The viewing head is binocular. There is no option for an assistant or teaching head. The eyepieces cannot be tilted on a rotating angle as they are on a fixed angle. To tilt the head, the physician tilts the complete head assembly. The microscope head has a three step magnification allowing different powers to be viewed. There is no zoom optics.

The lens is made from high quality imported German glass for reduction in lens aberration. All optics are multi-coated and include mildew proof and anti-reflection coatings. A useful option is a beam splitter, ccd camera adapter, and ccd camera for taking the video image to a cctv monitor for medical personnel in the room to see, or for the operation procedure to be videotaped. Some of the photos show this optional c-mount adapter and beam splitter, but it is an optional accessory.

The microscope can be adapted for other applications with the changing of the bottom lens that controls the focal point, and ultimately, the distance from head to specimen. The included bottom objective lens is 200mm focal distance, but there are other optional objective lens consisting of: f175mm, f250mm, f300mm, f350mm and f400mm. Other optional accessories include a 10x eyepiece pair that will change magnifications seen.

There is also an option to convert the operating microscope equipment to a desktop model by changing the holding bracket and column. For ultimate portability, specifically for those doing medical missions abroad, we recommend the portable package consisting of three canvas bags and a buggy. The surgical microscope has an easy method for quick interchange of bulbs in case of bulb failure during surgery. This surgical operating microscope is made in a US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered manufacturing facility as well as has CE certification.

Magnifications of Eyepiece 12.5x / 16mm
Objective 200mm
Working Distance 190mm
Magnifications of Main Microscope 5.3x, 8x, 12x
Diameter of Field 38mm, 25mm, 17mm
Adjustable Dioptor +/- 6D
Adjustable Interpupillary Distance 50mm - 70mm
Illumination Source 12V/100W, Halogen Lamp
Illumination Type 6 deg. + 0 deg. Coaxial Illumination
Coaxial Illumination ≥30,000 Lx
Reaching Range of Arm 870 mm
Adjustable Vertical Range 700 mm to 1100 mm
Fine Focusing Range 30 mm
Voltage AC220V / AC110V
Fuse AC250V T1.25A, AC125V T2.5A
Safety Electrical Standard IEC601-1
Whole Packing Volume 0.2 cbm
Carton Qty 1
Total weight 41 Kg
Optional Accessory:

Five OPTIONAL Objectives: f175mm, f250mm, f300mm, f350mm, f400mm

Magnification and Field of View Chart: (using 12.5x eyepiece)

Objective F175mm F250mm F300mm F350mm F400mm
Total Magnification 6x, 9x, 14x 4.2x, 6.4x, 9.6x 3.5x, 5.4x, 8x 3x, 4.6x, 6.8x 3x, 4x, 6x
Diameter of Visual Field(mm) 33, 22, 15 47.5, 31, 21 57, 38, 25 67, 44, 30 76, 50, 34
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