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Seiler Instrument Colposcopes Accessories

Beamsplitters use two cube prisms with semi-reflective coatings to direct a portion of the light entering the beamsplitter to the accessory/camera port. The remaining portion of the light passing through the prism goes to the eyepieces. In the table below, the higher number is the percent of light going to the eyepieces.

MC-A219S 20/80 dual port
MC-A314SA 20/80 – 50/50 dual port - specially designed for digital and video camera use at the same time, one on each camera port

Camera Adapters
The camera adapter is a simple transmission device between the beamsplitter and the camera to be used. There are four different camera adapters for use with the Revelation physician microscope.

MC-A218S Has a C mount to accept our analog color video camera or other camera using a C mount connection
MC-A292S An adapter for a number of Nikon Coolpix cameras including the 990, 995, 4300, 4500, 5400 cameras
SI8102990SX 20/80 – 50/50 dual port - specially designed for digital and video camera use at the same time, one on each camera port
SI8194101-SLR A universal adapter for most D-SLR cameras

Please call us with the make and model of your camera so we can supply you with the correct adapter

SI300002 ½” CCD chip, analog signal. 525 TV lines resolution. Auto white balance. Composite video and s-video outputs
SI10001 same as above with 470 lines resolution, but with composite video output only

15MAGTV 15" flat-panel LCD Color Monitor

Optional Xenon Light Source
Bright, white, daylight temperature (5500 degree K) illumination for critical viewing and photography. An excellent choice especially for digital cameras.

XENON180 The source is a 180w short arc xenon lamp with hot on/off capability. The unit has a mechanical brightness controller, a usage counter and is available for use with 110 or 220 line voltages.

Assistant's Binocular Option
An adjustable coupler between the beam splitter and a binocular head that allows the assistant to view the same exact field as the physician with the same optical resolution.

MC-A130S One of our binocular heads is necessary to complete the assistant’s binocular viewing option.

Binocular Heads
MC-A242S Inclineable (0-60 degrees) binocular head with 12.5x eyepieces; f=160mm
MC-A278S Fixed 45 degree binocular head with 12.5x eyepieces; f=160mm
MC-A280S Straight binocular head with 12.5x eyepieces; f=125mm

High eyepoint eyepieces with adjustable eyeguards and lockable diopter settings. The following catalog numbers are for one eyepiece.

MC-A920S 20X Eyepiece (each)
MC-A912 12.5X Eyepiece (each)
MC-A910S 10X Eyepiece (each)

Objective Lenses
The objective lens is the primary component of image formation in the microscope. The intermediary lenses in the optics body and the eyepieces make this primary image larger or smaller as desired. The focal length of the objective lens determines its distance from the specimen. For example, an objective with a 250mm focal length will position the lens (or bottom of the optics body) approximately 250mm (10 inches) from the patient’s mouth.

MC-A175S 175mm Objective Lens
MC-A2S 200mm Objective Lens
MC-A250S 250mm Objective Lens
MC-A3S 300mm Objective Lens
MC-A333S 400mm Objective Lens

SI1300S Fiber Optic Cable (1.3 Meters)
SI1700S Fiber Optic Cable (1.7 Meters)
SI2100S Fiber Optic Cable (2.1 Meters)
63634 15V 150W Lamp

Specialty Accessories
MC-A51S Assistant Monocular
MC-A40 Objective Protector
780-830 Laser Filter
MC-A52S Photo Camera Adapter
MC-A55N (needed with the MC-A52S)

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